Yuneec E-GO 2 Electric Skateboard Review

4 Apr

Yuneec E-GO 2 Electric Skateboard Review

The Yuneec E-GO 2 is the second electric skateboard made by a Chinese company with a history of making high quality drones. The Yuneec (pronounced ‘Unique’) E-GO2 is looks remarkably different to the other electric skateboards on the list, and there are other riding differences as well that can either turn you on and endear you to this board, or turn you right off. Let’s break down this sleek little board below:

The deck of the Yuneec is made from composite wood, is 35.8 inches long, 12mm thick, weighs 14 pounds and is painted and wrapped in a hard plastic which gives it a cool, futuristic vibe. This vibrant paintjob makes the E-GO2 board stand a lot, and comes in a variety of color options. The other difference is the kicktail. Not many E-boards have this and this is my favourite feature about the E-GO2 deck. The kicktail allows for more precise control, better steering and the ability to make tight turns on a dime. Not many electric skateboards can boast about that. The deck can carry a max weight of 220 pounds, making it perfect for adults or kids.

The 90mm wheels on the E-GO2 are bulky but they help smoothen out your ride when travelling on rougher terrain. The vibrant color scheme extends to the wheels and again make this board stand out a lot.

Battery & Speed
Hope you’re not in a hurry because the E-GO2’s 400W battery charges fully in about 4 hours. However a fully charged board will give you a total riding distance of 18Miles! Worth the wait? The battery pack is also fully splash proof so no worries if you get caught out in the rain or ride through puddles. The E-GO2’s max speed is 12.5 Mph, which isn’t bad but no where near the fastest of the bunch.

The lever on the remote is spring loaded and connects via Bluetooth. It’s a simple forward/back slide to control the acceleration or braking of the board. It charges using micro USB. It takes a short delay for the board to respond to the remote so you may need to anticipate your moves if you need to speed up or brake.

Product and accessories are guaranteed against manufacturing defects for 6 months of purchase date.

The Bottom Line
The Yuneec E-GO2 is a great choice for beginner and casual electric skateboard riders. It’s relatively slow max speed and study deck make the board feel safer than other boards, and it handles gravel and bumps in the road pretty well. Its range is unbelievably long, it looks cool and it’s cheaper than the competition, making it a very attractive option. Your ego should be fine with this pick. See what I did there?


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  1. Wow! Those are cool! I had never even heard of this brand of electric skateboard before I clicked on your site. I’m not sure I realized they made electric skateboards. That battery life is insane, I would have loved that as a kid. Charge while I sleep, skate all day. My niece is a tomboy and really likes this type of thing. I like to get her unusual gifts. Thank you for the idea!

    1. No Problem Keli! I still have to add in the pictures, but this board also comes in a variety of color options. I’m sure if you got your niece this electric skateboard as a gift, you would definitely be the coolest aunty in the history favourite aunties!

  2. This is great Sean. Thanks for sharing this review. I remember having a skatebaord several years ago. Time and technology has evolved and now we have these. I’ll be checking this out because it gave me a very nostaligic experience. Now I want a new skateboard again =) Thanks for this. It is very helpful.

    1. Hey Thanks JR.
      Yeah something about riding a skateboard burns memories into your mind. Look around and see what you like. I will be adding and reviewing many more board in the near future so be sure to check back. Thanks for the support man

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