The Airwheel M3 Review

9 Apr

The Airwheel M3 Review

If you’re looking for a board that can travel on any surface with ease, look no further than the Airwheel M3. Airwheel is a well established manufacturer of segways, electric scooters and unicycles and the M3 is their fashion-focused expression of the electric skateboard. Mind you the M3 looks more like a monster truck than a skateboard. And at a very competitive price, you’ll have yourself a solid e-board without breaking the swear jar again. Let’s break it down below:

The Airwheel M3 deck is made out of sturdy Canadian Maplewood. It’s 32 inches long and has a kicktail which would come in pretty handy if you’re off-roading and you need to make a tight turn or ramp up on a higher surface, like a pavement.

Battery & Speed
The M3’s high quality, SONY battery takes only 2 hours to fully charge and covers a distance of approximately 12 miles depending on a rider’s max weight of 220lbs. That aint too bad considering you could be off-roading with the thing. It also hits a top speed of 12.5 Mph or 20 KM/h and trust me that will blow your hair back.

To ensure your safety, the M3’s ergonomically designed remote houses 2 independent control chips. The remote also has a switch that activates lights on the M3 for those who prefer carving after dusk. Although the deck itself is one-directional, the board can go forwards and reverse at equal speeds. Careful with that.

The huge 4.5 inch rubber tyres provide for stronger grip which may compromise certain flexibility and nimbleness, but it enhances the terrain adaptability and makes it more practical for various road surfaces. However it has been seen in some cases that the rubber in the wheels wears down after extensive use and may make riding unsafe and practically impossible. A new set of tyres can cost around $150. Huge drawback for the M3.

The Bottom Line
Overall, the M3 is a solid, all-rounded electric skateboard that actually manages to cost less than $600. That’s not too shabby. Considering how versatile this board is, it’s easy to see why it has a lot of good reviews. Probably even better is that some sellers are hawking it below 500 bucks! Aside from the concerns about tyre durability, you should have quite the ride on this badboy.


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