Swagboard NG-1 Review

4 Apr

Swagboard NG-1 Review

Swagboard NG1 is a made by a company called Swagtron. =\ Sounds kinda like a hip hop transformer if you ask me. Anyway, the Swagboard is pretty much smack dab in the middle in terms of quality compared to other boards, and the price is quite attractive to anyone looking for an electric skateboard on a budget. Let’s break it down in the details below.

The Swagboard NG1 deck is constructed out of 7 ply Canadian maple wood and weighs 10 pounds. Being that light, it’s perfectly easy for small kids to haul around, and with a weight bearing limit of 176 pounds, it’s able to handle most average sized adults.

The deck sits on standard, durable polyurethane wheels.

Battery & Speed
The Swagboard takes about 3 hours to fully charge the 24V Li-On Fe battery  and you can ride for up to 10 miles off a single charge. That’s not counting with the regerative braking feature, which puts back juice into the battery. Not too shabby Swagtron.
The board can achieve a top speed of 11Mph, which puts it on the average to slower end of the e-board speed spectrum. However, this restrained top speed is actually perfect for a beginner or child to get a feel for electric skateboard handling and not put them is face ripping danger. Regardless, safety is important, so plz wear a helmet.

Like most E-boards, the remote features a battery light indicator that flashes when it’s time to recharge. The board also has a similar light as well. One feature that the Swagboard can boast about is its cruise control setting, which allows you to maintain a consistant speed without having to touch the remote throttle. I haven’t seen other boards with this feature as yet.

The Swagboard comes with a 1 year parts and labour warranty that covers accidental damage as well.

The Bottom Line
The Swagboard is a decent electric skateboard to own. It’s not a top of the line board that will zip you around at the fastest speed, nor will it take you the furthest. But if you’re looking for a really good starter electric skateboard as a gift for a kid, or just a board to casually coast around on, the Swagboard’s price for its value is unbeatable. Still can’t get over that name though…Swagtron. Swagtimus Prime!


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