Safety Gear

You can’t enjoy riding your electric skateboard if your head is split open.

Choosing to wear a helmet is a life or death decision… Choose life! Honestly there is absolutely no reason why you should be riding without one, yet some people still do. Don’t be one of them.

The next important thing you’ve gotta know is some skateboard helmets are better than others. Some helmets being sold quite literally – and I’m quoting from their inner label, “Provide minimal protection against impact and meets no established safety standard”. They are “Show helmets” worn just for style but in the event of an actual accident, you’re heading straight to Cloud City. ALWAYS read the label and ensure that your helmet is CPSC certified, meaning it’s actually a safety helmet and will protect your head.

Your helmet should fit snug and firmly across your forehead and not shift or move around. Once you’ve secured and certified the safety aspect, a helmet will do what a helmet does. The next step is style. I’ve put together a list of some cool looking helmets that are guaranteed to turn some heads while keeping yours safe and sound.



Bern Diabla EPS Summer Helmet


Bern Macon Hard Hat-Rasta Colors


Bern Unlimited Allston Helmet with Black Flip Visor


Bern Unlimited Watts EPS Summer Helmet


Critical Cycles Classic Helmet-Bamboo


GoMax Original Classic Helmet


JBM Multi-Sport Helmet


Pro-Tec Classic Bucky Skate Helmet


Pro-Tec Classic Certified Skate Helmet


Pro-Tec Full Cut Skate Helmet


Triple Eight Certified Helmet


Triple Eight Gotham Helmet-Relective


VIGOR AUDIO HELMETS- Built-In Bluetooth Speakers


3 Things to Consider when buying a helmet.


Your helmet has to fit your head properly. Don’t mess around with this. It’s the most important thing to consider when buying a helmet. You don’t want it too big, with it spinning and sliding around on top your head, but then you don’t want it too small either. Don’t play guesswork with your safety. Measure your head so you can get the best fit

How to properly measure your head to fit a skateboard helmet:
Get a tape measure and wrap it around your head, keeping it level and making sure it runs right above your eyebrows and over your ears. Wrap the tape to the approximate tightness that you would imagine that your helmet would comfortably fit your head. Take the measurement. Congratulations! Now you know the size of your head! Now take that measurement and match it with your favourite helmet brand’s sizing chart. Not all brands use the same size specifications so a size Medium in one brand may differ in size with another brand.

Sweat Liner

If you’re skating you’re gonna be sweating. The sweat liner helps minimize the amount of sweat that running down your face from skating, plus the weather (if it’s a sunny day). One thing to note is that sweat liners should be replaced fairly regularly as they tend to build up bacteria over a time.


The airvents are the holes that you see on and around the helmets and they function as the cooling system. The size and number of vents on helmets vary between brands and they all have their reasons why their configuration is better. But generally speaking, simply pick the helmet which provides you with the best airflow.


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