Onewheel+ Electric Skateboard Review

19 May

Onewheel+ Electric Skateboard Review

The Onewheel+ is the electric skateboard totally reimagined from the ground up. Originally released in 2015, Onewheel shook things up with their signature self-balancing board and now the Onewheel+ is here to provide the aftershocks. You may be thinking that it looks intimidating to ride, that you’re sure to bust your butt falling off and that you’ll take forever to balance and learn to ride this board, but you’re totally wrong. So keep calm and let me break it down in the Onewheel+ Electric Skateboard review below.


The frame of Onewheel is CNC machined from solid billet 6061 aluminum. This makes the board light and strong. Inside of the deck is housed all of the electronics – the lithium battery, the gyroscope and accelerometer.

The Onewheel+ proudly introduces the SureStance footpad sensors on the front of the deck. These sensors can tell with precision, not only the direction you’re leaning, but they can also help to cancel out the wobble in your legs and balance the board for you, making the board easier to control and ride. See? Told you it was easy.

The angled front and kicktail back also lock you onto the board for riding almost any kind of terrain. The deck comes with headlights and tail-lights standard, that light up accordingly depending on your direction. It’s a bit on the heavy side at 25 pounds, but with a riding weight limit of 275 pounds, pretty much anyone can ride this e-board with no worries.


The most standout feature about the Onewheel is…you guessed it, its huge one wheel. It’s debatable if this wheel even puts the board in the “skateboard” category at all. It surely puts it in a class by itself! The wheel is actually a go cart wheel with a hub motor installed in the center of it. It’s extremely durable and shock absorbant, which enables the Onewheel to go literally anywhere. The feeling of riding it is almost like riding a real hoverboard! Terrain shall not restrain this board!


Battery & Speed
The team over at Onewheel decided to redesign their motor from scratch as well. Smack in the heart of the wheel is a direct drive, brushless motor. They developed Hypercore technology which is a method of extracting heat out of the motor through the axel of the centre of the wheel. This makes the Onewheel+ more powerful, smoother and faster than its predecessor, topping out at almost 19mph. There is no vibration or noise coming from the motor, in fact you might even wonder if there’s even a motor in the board at all! The battery takes about 35mins to fully charge with an ultra charger and can travel about 6-7 miles before it needs to recharge.

The Onewheel App is available for download on both iOS and Android. The app allows you to select your preferred riding style, from a light, floaty carving ride to a stiff, firm, “tight truck” ride.

The Bottom Line
The Onewheel+. is hands down, the most innovative board we’ve ever come across. It takes the top prize for the smoothest, most quiet and most fun riding experience. The speed and power is a huge leap from its predecessor, it’s got decent range and charges fast. And also the fact that it can venture onto any terrain without having to change the wheels, standard safety lights, and also that there is no remote either, and that it’s one frikkin wheel? This board just stands out above the rest. It might not be the best board for the daily commute but in terms of sheer fun, this board goes unrivaled. I dare say the smooth, weightless, gliding feeling you get riding this board might be the closest feeling you get to an actual hoverboard.

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  1. Hey there! I found your article very interesting to read. I’m looking for an electric skateboard but I didn’t know that there is a one wheel electric skateboard. I’ve been using a skateboard for a while now and I’m used to it. I’m interested of getting one of this one wheel electric skateboard but how does it compare to normal electric skateboard? I really appreciate your response.

    1. Hey Rico! Great question. The answer would depend on which electric skateboard you compare it to. The Onewheel+ is such a unique vehicle and we only classify it as a ‘skateboard’ because that’s what it’s ride closely resembles. But let’s be honest, it looks nothing like a skateboard. Compared to electric skateboards in general, the ride on this board is unbelievably smooth thanks to the huge inflated go kart wheel. Riding it feels like you’re gliding. Normal electric skateboards have harder polyurethane wheels that grip and grind and bump, and you really hear the wheels on the road. On the Onewheel+, ride on the otherhand is quite silent. This silence includes the motor as well, which runs so soft in comparision to the “whirring” of normal e-boards, you wonder if there’s any motor at all. I’ll stop here. The Onewheel+ is unique in so many ways that this replay may just turn into another article.
      Thanks for the great question!

  2. Wow. One wheel? I haven’t mastered the traditional skateboard and now I have this option?

    LOL. People just keep coming back with great ideas to have fun.

    How do you brake with this one wheel? Can you flip this skateboard?

    1. LOL I know right! What a time to be alive!
      Unlike most electric skateboards that use a remote to control the acceleration and speed, the Onewheel is controlled kinda like those “self balancing hoverboards”. It uses a gyroscope and accelerometer to move forwards and backwards, so you just have to lean in and you’re off! Likewise, braking means you just lean back. As far as kickflips and such go, i can’t say i’ve seen anyone pull it off AS YET! But hey you never know!

  3. That is such a trip. I’ve never seen anything like that. Man if you could put up a video showing this thing in action that would be awesome. I wish I had something like this back in the day, lol.

  4. Holy Cow!

    I just stumbled onto your site about the One Wheel Skateboard.

    I have no idea that something like this existed!

    OK, I am too damn old to ride one but I love it!

    1. Hahaha maybe you’re right Clyde, but hey, you never know until you try! There are other electric skateboards that are much safer and easier to ride. You can check out and compare them on our list here.

  5. Hmm, great review! I am glad that you mentioned the part with the fact that it is intimidating to ride. Even with this technology, I believe that I will fall a few times, but it is alright because this is how you learn. It looks great and fun!! 🙂 I actually wanted to order it and I saw that it was out of stock. I bookmarked your website and I’ll be back in a couple of weeks to check again! Thanks for the review!

    1. Hey Andrei
      LOL Yes chances are you will land on your butt at least once while learning to ride this board but when you get the hang of it the fun factor is an 11! It’s definitely a rare item on amazon so you’re lucky to find one there. You can always order direct from the manufacturer via their website though.

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