Maxfind Dual Motor Electric Skateboard Review

9 Apr

Maxfind Dual Motor Electric Skateboard Review

Lightweight, good speed and acceleration, high-quality build and a great price. These are just a few of the things the Maxfind Dual Motor Electric Skateboard has going for it, that makes it a fantastic board to have. I’ll go ahead and say what you’re thinking: It looks like a Boosted Board knock off. While they look very similar, they are definitely not. Let’s break it down in the review below.

The Maxfind Dual deck is sturdy, being made from compressed 8-ply maple wood. It weighs just under 13 pounds which makes it pretty easy for kids or adults to carry around. The deck is 38 inches long and has a shape and appearance ‘oddly similar’ to the Boosted Board. And just like the boosted board, the deck has the same elasticity that makes for really smooth riding. The deck is also sturdy enough to support a max weight of 220 pounds. Appearances are where the Maxfind and Boosted Board part ways.

The Maxfind Dual is rolling on 83mm high rebound, polyurethane wheels. These are durable wheels that grip the asphalt well and can navigate gravel, bumps and imperfect asphalt patches and still deliver a smooth, stable ride.

Battery & Speed
The Maxfind Dual comes with a Samsung 18650 Lithium-Ion battery that outputs 360W. The battery takes about 1 hour to fully charge and can travel about 10 miles depending on the weight of the rider. Because of its dual motors the board can achieve a top speed of 17 Mph, however the power and speed both reduce as the battery drains.

The remote is a small and white and has a joystick to control your acceleration and braking. There is a switch on the remote to enable reverse mode as well as a switch that enables a restricted mode that limits the top speed of the board. This mode is very useful for beginners and small children.

The Bottom Line
I rate the Maxfind Dual as one of the better options of electric skateboards. It looks great, light weight, it’s made from high-quality components, it handles well, the battery life is decent, it’s top speed is pretty fast and the restricted speed mode is perfect for beginners and wont tear your face off. Both casual and pro riders will have a lot of fun with the Maxfind Dual.


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  1. Have gone through your site and I had never heard of electric skateboard that is a new one on me. Learn something everyday, Other than that the site is really good and very informative content

  2. Hi

    Great information on the Maxfind Dual Motor Electric Skateboard.

    One of my buddies just recently purchased something similar to this. It is actually a pretty good mode of tran sport and we have had hours of fun with it.

    The battery power and how long it lasts seem to be a bit better than the one my buddy has.

    I will point him in the direction of your website.


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