Frequently Asked Questions
about Electric Skateboards


Q: Im looking for a good, cheap electric skateboard. Any Help?

A: Well, quality speaking, you get what you pay for. But there are some decent boards that you can get on the cheap. Check out our reviews and see which one suits your needs best.

Q: How much do electric skateboards cost?

A: Electric skateboards have a wide price range. Most range between $200 to as high as $2500.

How fast can an electric skateboard go?

A: Electric Skateboards can range in maximum speed from 10 Mph to 30 Mph. To put that in perspective, the world’s fastest man, Usain Bolt’s top speed was 12.4 Mph. So yeah, it beats running.

Q: How long does an electric skateboard take to charge?

A: It really depends on the quality of the battery. Higher-quality batteries can take around an hour to fully charge, while lower quality batteries can take anywhere from 3 to 5 hours.

Q: Is there any age restriction to ride an electric skateboard?

A: Short answer, no. But if you’re thinking about getting an electric skateboard for a kid, you might want to lean towards the mid range boards as their speed and power may be easier and safer for the younger ones to learn on.

Q: Looking for an off-road electric skateboard.

A: Again, check our reviews. Look for e-boards that have inflated pneumatic tyres.

Q: Do I need to wear a helmet on an electric skateboard?

A: For goodness sake yes! Electric skateboards can get near 30 Mph. Check out my list of the best skater helmets here.

Q: I want to build my own electric skateboard. Can you help?

A: Sure thing. You can find the components necessary to build it here. But why bother go through all the hassle for basically the same price that you can get a professionally built one? Hey, whatever floats your boat dude.