Boosted Board Dual & Dual+ Review

4 Apr

Boosted Board Dual & Dual+ Review

Truth be told the Boosted Board was the first electric skateboard I ever saw and it was the hook that caught this fish so I have a slight bias towards it. I’d consider the Boosted the equivalent of the “Apple” or “Mercedez” of electric skateboards: With their trademark neon orange wheels and sleekly crafted battery packs and motors, they pretty much own the ‘effortless cool’ e-skateboard image. Let’s break down the elements of cool in the review below.

The 38” long cruiser deck is made from 100% bamboo. The board only weighs about 15 pounds so its pretty easy to carry around if need be. But as you can tell from their videos, this board is made for cruising and carving not carrying, and the elasticity of the board acts as the perfect shock absorber for a smooth ride.

The one major complaint about the Airwheel M3 was that the wheels are not that durable. This isn’t the case with the Boosted. The high-rebound polyurethane wheels grip the road and stabilize the board as it glides over cracks and small debris with barely a bump.

Battery & Speed
The Boosted comes in two battery power ranges: 1500W (Dual) and 2000W(Dual+) boards.. The charge time for these boards is only 60 minutes so you can quickly recharge once you get to your destination. And you will get there fast because the speed on a Boosted Board is scary. These boards can easily hit a top speed of 22Mph / 35KM/h depending on the rider’s weight and the terrain. Again I have to remind you dear reader, that the ground is hard and falling on it at such speeds is not fun. So please, be safe and at least wear a helmet. Aside from its price, the only other sticking point with Boosted is the range, which tops out at 6-7 Miles standard, and 12 Miles with the extended battery pack.

The Boosted Board’s remote is definitely better than the competition. Its receiver shape allows it to just sit naturally in your hand. It connects via Bluetooth and can switch between 4 ride modes: Beginner (max speed 12Mph), Eco, Expert and Pro(Max speed 22Mph). The trigger on the remote has to be pressed to allow the jog wheel to activate. Otherwise you can cruise holding the trigger and activate the regenerative braking which puts some juice back into the board’s battery.

Finally there’s the app. See why I said ‘Apple’of e-boards? The app is for iOS and allows you keep track of your board’s battery, miles travelled and select ride mode.
The two main things the Boosted Board has is speed and style. It’s a bit pricey but when you’re buying a premium product, the quality you get always outweighs the price.

The Bottom Line
I admit it, I’m biased. I really love everything about the Boosted Board, and by the looks of all of the similarly designed and branded electric skateboards, so do their competitors. That’s what happens when you’re the market leader; others follow. The Boosted Dual is one of the fastest e-boards, it’s deck is solid yet pliable and the battery is beautifully packaged and charges in a flash. If they only increased its range capability, there would be absolutely no reason to look anywhere else for another electric skateboard.


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