My Story

The year was 1989 and Back To The Future, Part 2 came out. That was the first time I saw the possibility of a electric, motorized skateboard. Technology still has a few more hurdles to leap before we can actually get REAL hovering skateboards, but what that film did was unlock the power of imagination for the kids watching it, including me. Those kids grew up to become the tinkerers and inventors of the electric skateboard, or as I call them “1.0 hoverboards”. I’m not one of those geniuses by the way. I was just one of the regular kids who had to wait a few painful decades until electric skateboards were invented…

I got my first board one year after the release of BTTF2, a second hand, lime green cruiser, with 3” wide street wheels. It was viciously fast. My sister and I have many scars and fond memories thanks to that board. When I was about 18 I gave that old board to my younger cousin, showed him a few tricks on it and sent him off. He would later move to England, and is now a better skater than I could ever hope to be. Paying it forward and seeing the results is one of the best feelings that you could ever hope to experience in our short lifetime.

Which brings us to the present day. When I first saw the self balancing ‘hoverboard’ scooters I was blown away – just imagine if they could motorize a skateboard! After some intense googling I realized that the electric skateboard revolution was on the horizon. Soon after, I witnessed Casey Neistat’s video on the Boosted. And that was it. I was hooked on the electric skateboard.

At TheBestElectricSkateboards.com, the name says it all. Here you’ll find the best information I could find on all the different types of battery powered skateboards. The options to choose from have grown exponentially and truth be told, there are some sketchy products on the market. If you aren’t careful you could buy something that adds up to huge, head-banging mistake. I’ve taken the time to curate and review only the best electric skateboards, safety gear and add-ons, so you don’t have to waste time googling every new item you come across. This site is meant to be a complete resource to get you started on your journey to skate without the sweat, and also as a way for me to pay it forward to the next generation of future skaters still to come.